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Barns for Sale

We are frequently contacted by people interested in purchasing a barn for re-use or to convert it to a home or other purpose. The barns listed on this page are for sale by their owners. We can assist you in selecting the barn that fits your needs, and then dismantle, restore and re-erect it for you. Contact us for information on any of these barns. Can't find one on here that you like? Let us know and we will find one for you.


Freedom WI Barn


Freedom, WI Barn
This 40' x 90' white pine barn is well constructed and could be re-used as a livestock barn or easily converted to a home.






Serena, IL Barn


Serena, IL Barn
This white pine barn measures 35' wide x 38' long. In addtion, there is a 16' lean-to on one eave wall. It is currently being used as a horse barn and the owners have outgrown it.






Serena, IL Barn


Altona, IL Barn
This 26' x 36' white pine barn is well suited for a garage or workshop space. It has been documented, labeled dismantled and drawn.